About Us


To preserve the earth's drinking water supply by applying sustainable technologies and solutions that reduce potable water usage and facilitate water reuse.


Help our clients achieve their sustainability goals by identifying and implementing innovative water conservation technologies. Provide excellent service support to ensure our projects continue to deliver the desired results.

Capture H2O specializes in identifying, implementing and providing long term services for water conservation projects at commercial and industrial facilities. Our focus is to identify the most appropriate solution to meet our client's objectives.

We utilize traditional and cutting edge water technologies combined with real time performance monitoring to deliver world class results. Our solutions are both financially viable and sustainable.

In the Beginning..

Capture H2O, Inc. was founded by John Rowen, after two decades of working for several chemical and physical water treatment companies. He concluded his client's interests were not always being served due to the limited solutions available. Most water treatment companies are focused on selling their specific products regardless of whether it is the most appropriate solution to meet their client's goals of minimizing water, chemicals, energy, fuel, maintenance and related other costs.

Capture H2O, Inc. was established and structured to provide the commercial and industrial markets with a wide range of water conservation technologies without the bias associated with large or product focused companies. Capture H2O, Inc. provides an independent assessment of water conservation strategies and integration support. We offer full service water management from identification, implementation, measurement and verification to long term service support. We deliver superior technologies and solutions. Our world class support ensures they will continue to perform at peak optimization. Our goals are to build long term partnerships with our clients and become their trusted advisor in all areas of water management.