Capture H2O provides sustainable water treatment to all industries that have an evaporative cooling component. We are committed to environmentally friendly water treatment with our new HVAC technology. Let us help you eliminate scale, corrosion, and bacteria.

Food & Beverage

Efficient water and energy use

Capture H2O has demonstrated the ability to provide world-class results while dramatically reducing our customer’s water and energy footprint in the Food & Beverage space.

  • World-class scale, corrosion, and bacteria results
  • Displace city water with numerous water sources in the cooling towers, including RO concentrate, clarified wastewater, rainwater, carbon filter backwash, and bottle rinse water
  • Improve energy efficiency by removing existing scale and biofilm
  • Asset protection by reducing corrosion rates in pipes and heat exchange equipment

We provide cost-effective cooling water treatment solutions for the Food and Beverage industry that can adapt to any makeup water source
Proudly serving Pepsi

“Capture H2O has been our exclusive water and chemical treatment provider for the past 10 years.  They bring technical excellence and business acumen, combined with a genuine concern for the best interest of each client.  These are the core reasons ECM will continue to utilize Capture H2O as our consultant of choice for water conservation.”
Doug D. – President, ECM Holdings Group for PepsiCo


As a result of the High Cycle program, Gatorade achieved:

  • 60 Million+ gallons of reduced water consumption
  • $680,000+ in water savings alone
  • Utilization of reclaimed water source
Start saving in your plant today. Let’s work together to create a sustainable plan to save you water and money.

Commercial Office Space

We provide ecofriendly cooling water treatment solutions for Commercial Real Estate customers, especially those seeking LEED certification and cost effective cooling water solutions

See how we reduce water and costs

Capture H2O has creatively addressed the cooling water treatment needs of commercial office buildings for over a decade.  Through a flexible approach, we balance economic needs with an environmentally sustainable solution, fully customizable for each customer’s applications.

Benefits of a flexible solution:

  • Service entire portfolios of buildings with a wide range of sizes and applications
  • Significantly reduce resource consumption and chemical use
  • Protect cooling equipment to avoid future capital investments or value destruction upon property sale
  • Utilize a range of water sources including rainwater, groundwater, reclaimed water, or air handler concentrate
  • Proactively monitored systems via remote, wireless platform

Proudly serving Google

“Capture H2O is a trusted resource for all our water treatment and management systems. They are constantly bringing new ideas that either solve an existing problem or reduce our water, sewer, and energy costs. The technologies and services they provide helped us improve our operations and gave us real-time visibility into our processes. I would highly recommend them.”
Dan M., Lead Site Technical Services

Start saving in your plant today. Let’s work together to create a sustainable plan to save you water and money.

Retail & Hospitality

Enjoy new-found savings

Capture H2O provides world-class scale, corrosion, and bacteria reduction while utilizing numerous water sources including reclaimed water, groundwater, rainwater, and more.

  • Significantly reduces water and energy consumption through smart water use and monitoring
  • Removes the need for chemicals for added savings and environmental benefits
  • World-class scale, corrosion, and bacteria results
  • Introduces flexibility of water source to save money and the environment

We provide innovative cooling water treatment solutions for the Retail and Hospitality industries with our green building cooling tower solutions which help them save time, money, and water
“I contacted Capture H2O to see if they were capable or knowledgeable enough to maintain a system no longer supported by the manufacturer. To my satisfaction they have demonstrated a high level of knowledge regarding the technology and in addition has provided us with operational guidance and training. We are very pleased with our decision to use Capture H2O.”
Jere W., National Facilities Manager for Westfield

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