Our Technology

Capture H2O differs from typical water treatment companies in that we are not tied to one type of treatment for all systems and facilities. We expertly employ an array of solutions for every facet of water management. We are constantly researching and testing new and old technologies to provide our clients with the world’s best sustainable solutions. Following are just a few of the technologies we currently use.


Most service providers’ profit from selling you chemicals. This means, the more water you use the more chemical they sell. Capture H2O takes a whole systems approach to optimize your facility. We focus on equipment optimization and efficient operation procedures. The result is lower water, energy and fuel consumption. Next, we supply and control the most appropriate chemistry to develop scale, corrosion and bacteria control. We prefer to use chemistry that is non-hazardous and feed systems that are lower maintenance to provide the most sustainable approach available. Examples are our solid and SMART release chemistry programs. SMART RELEASE INFORMATION


Capture H2O offers an extremely successful and sustainable soft water system that eliminates the need to blow down water to the sewer or use hazardous chemicals. This technology eliminates the primary failure of water treatment programs; the reliance on blow down equipment. We have hundreds of clients using this system that are realizing large reductions in water and sewer costs while getting world class scale, corrosion and bacteria control with little or no chemicals. This technology is protected by 9 United States Patents. We have expanded this technology in novel ways in order to utilize alternate water sources in place of potable water. We have used this technology to convert wastewater, rainwater, condensate and recycled water into cooling tower makeup water. For customized projects, we pre-assemble our systems on open frame stainless steel skids. The piping is available in schedule 80 PVC, copper, galvanized or stainless steel. 

Cooling  Water Treatment Brochure

Zero Bleed System Presentation 


Capture H2O provides all types of water treatment controllers, meters and remote monitoring equipment. We provide real time measurement and monitoring of your water, energy and water treatment chemistry. We offer standard controllers as well as fully customized solutions to meet your remote monitoring needs. We strongly believe that all water treatment equipment should be communicating in real time to our service technicians and clients. This enables our programs to be proactively managed to ensure the best performance. 100% of water treatment failures occur because no one was watching.  Capture H2O Reports Brochure

SCALEBUSTER TECHNOLOGY (Salt and chemical free scale/corrosion control)

Capture H2O is the exclusive distributor in California of the Scalebuster technology. The Scalebuster controls scale and corrosion of hard alkaline water for process and domestic water systems. This technology requires no power, chemicals, salt or maintenance and will provide complete scale control on domestic, recycled, irrigation, closed loops and process water systems. The system has a 10 year waranty but typically will last 20+ years. Brochure on the technology. More information can also be found on or  ScaleBuster Presentation