"Capture H2O is a trusted resource for all our water treatment and management systems. They are constantly bringing new ideas that either solve an existing problem or reduce our water, sewer and energy costs. The technologies and services they provide helped us improve our operations and gave us real time visibility into our processes. They are very good with communication, follow up and service. I would highly recommend them."

Westfield Malls, USA

"Several years ago, we purchased a water treatment technology that saved us water and reduced our chemical use. The manufacturer had recently stopped providing service for our system requiring me to find an alternative service provider. I contacted Capture H2O to see if they were capable or knowledgeable enough to maintain our required level of service for this system. To my satisfaction they have demonstrated a high level of knowledge regarding the technology and in addition has provided us with operational guidance and training. We are very pleased with our decision to use Capture H2O." 

Jere Westlotorn, National Facilities Manager for Westfield

Callaway Golf Company

"Our water and wastewater agency representative asked me, "What have you been doing at your corporate headquarters facility, the water consumption and wastewater discharge has dropped by millions of gallons in a very short period of time?" I told them we started using Capture H2O to manage our water systems. They analyzed our facility, recommended a few conservation measures, implemented the measures, trained our people and have been providing excellent service support. They also provided the measurement and verification for each measure. We have been very impressed with the results and would highly recommend Capture H2O to other facilities". 

Michael Majors, Sr. Director, Facilities, Security, EH&S,  The Callaway Golf Company

The Sofia Hotel

"We contacted Capture H2O because we were having issues with our cooling water systems. They quickly diagnosed the problem, discussed options, implemented a solution and provide excellent support services. We have not had one complaint from our guests since Capture H2O implemented the solution and has been managing our water systems." 

Andrea Winslow, General Manager, The Sofia Hotel

Pinnacle Marina Tower

"Capture H2O has provided a superior and exceptional experience when compared to other service providers. They listen to us, ask questions, and in layman’s terms discuss possible options and then implement the solution. They make us feel like they are on our team. They provide excellent communication and service, so we feel like we are their only customer. They discuss complicated chemistry and equipment in terms we can readily understand. We are convinced Capture H2O’s ideas and solutions have extended the life of our systems and equipment. " 

Bill Lawrence, General Manager, Pinnacle Marina Tower, Prescott Management

ECM Holdings for Pepsi Co.

"John Rowen has been the exclusive water and chemical treatment consultant for GalexC and ECM Holdings Group clients over the past 10 years. He is a consummate professional that combines technical excellence and business acumen to make him truly unique among his peers. These qualities, combined with his genuine concern for the best interest of each client is his biggest strength; and the core reason GalexC will continue to utilize Capture H2O as our consultant of choice for water conservation." 

Doug d’Heilly – President, ECM Holdings Group, Carlsbad, CA

Westpak, Inc.

"We called upon Capture H2O because we were having problems with our water treatment program for our cooling water. Within a few weeks they were able to solve our problems through technical consulting, service and real time performance measurement. We now consider them our go to company for all our water systems. They also helped us set up a customized real time performance monitoring system for our test machines. Now we have real time monitoring and alarming for both our water and non-water systems. This information has enabled us to improve the management of our facility." 

Ryan Craft, Vice President, Westpak Inc.

San Diego Company

"Before implementing the Capture H2O water treatment solution, we were constantly scaling our condensers, wasting a lot of water and using a ton of chemicals. Since we have cut our water and sewer bill by 35%, eliminated 95% of our chemicals, reduced our corrosion rates and totally eliminate our scaling problems. I don't know what else we could ask for, the whole experience was a home run!" 

James Duffner, Engineering Manager, San Diego, CA

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