High Cycle

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By utilizing proprietary pre-treatment equipment and the natural chemistry of the water, our program solves for scale, corrosion, and bacteria while saving up to 95% of water blowdown.

Capture H2O solution in 2.5 minutes

Harnessing the natural chemistry of water to save money and resources

Key Differentiators

Higher cycles

Each cycle of concentration means less water consumed and wasted

Water savings

Utilizing a higher cycle program eliminates blowdown and conserves water

Alternative sources

Wastewater, RO concentrate, rainwater, and groundwater can be used, unlike traditional water treatment

Electricity savings

Significant reduction in scale results in meaningful energy efficiencies

World-class scale, corrosion, and bacteria control

By utilizing the natural chemistry of the water, superior scale, corrosion, and bacteria control can be achieved

Limited chemical use

With reduced scale, corrosion, and bacteria, the need for chemicals is dramatically reduced

How it works

Install patented pre-treatment system to makeup water line

Removes scaling minerals and
cycle limits  

Allows increased tower cycles of concentration from 3 to > 15
Create biostatic environment within the cooling tower

pH > 9.5 and TDS > 5,000 μS

Controls bacteria growth
Utilize natural silica of water at high TDS for protection

Protects metals, controls corrosion

pH > 9.0 converts silica to
corrosion inhibitor

> 200 ppm silica residual


  • World-class scale, corrosion, and bacteria control
  • Eliminates the need for the majority of chemicals
  • Significant water consumption savings
  • Ability to use alternative water sources including wastewater, RO concentrate, rainwater, and groundwater
  • Removes existing scale, creating energy efficiency
The main benefits of our Hybrid cooling water treatment program are considerable water savings and dramatic reduction in the need for chemicals

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