Physical water conditioner + solid chemistry

The Hybrid program combines a patented physical water conditioner with limited solid chemicals to solve for scale, corrosion, and bacteria, providing world-class results and saving up to 70% of water blowdown.

Key Differentiators

Higher cycles

Each cycle of concentration means less water consumed and less water and chemicals blown down the drain

Water savings

Water conditioner allows higher cycles which conserves water and reduces the need for chemicals and blowdown

Electricity savings

Existing scale is removed, resulting in energy efficiencies

World class scale, corrosion, and bacteria control

By combining physical water conditioners, solid chemistry, and wireless monitoring, superior scale, corrosion, and bacteria control can be achieved

Limited chemical use

With reduced water consumption, scale, corrosion, and bacteria, the need for chemicals is dramatically reduced


Limits environmental and human exposure through reduced chemical use and the elimination of concentrated hazardous liquid chemistry and feed equipment

How it works

  • Physical water conditioner creates descaling state and increases cycle limits, resulting in water reduction and elimination of scale inhibition chemistry
  • Demand for biocides are reduced by elimination of scale inhibitor, which is food source for bacteria
  • Corrosion rates are naturally reduced by raising the pH, combined with reducing the oxidizing biocides
  • Uses a small amount of a solid biocide and corrosion inhibitors to deliver world-class bacteria and corrosion control


  • Up to 70% reduction in cooling water consumption
  • Eliminates the need for a scale inhibitor
  • Significantly decreases the need for harmful corrosion and bacteria chemicals
  • Removes existing scale, resulting in energy efficiency gains
  • Eliminates all concentrated hazardous liquid chemicals and the need for secondary containment
  • Reduces risk for environmental release and human exposure
  • Simplifies water treatment program and equipment
Capture H2O’s Hybrid cooling

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