Solid Chemistry

Environmental benefits + added safety

Utilizing a traditional chemistry approach, the Solid Chemistry program provides environmental benefits and additional safety for employees handling the chemicals.

Key Differentiators

Higher cycles

Higher cycles achieved through pH control and automation means less water consumed and wasted

Water savings

Utilizing a higher cycle program eliminates blowdown and conserves water

Improved safety

We utilize non-toxic solid chemicals and feed equipment to eliminate all concentrated hazardous liquid chemicals


  • Solid chemicals are safer to handle and less hazardous than liquid chemicals
  • Eliminates need for secondary containment and reduced risk of environmental release
  • Human exposure risk is greatly reduced by feed system design and no contact inventory management
  • Solid chemicals are more efficient to transport
  • Lower carbon footprint due to no VOCs and less weight to transport
  • Same world-class scale, corrosion, and bacteria control
Solid Chemistry of Capture H2O’s

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