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Sustainable cooling water treatment

Safe, sustainable, and chemical-free water treatment solutions. Learn more about our environmentally friendly HVAC technology.

Innovative Industry Solutions

Discover how Capture H2O can help you utilize waste water in your cooling towers.

Google saved money and the environment by converting to 100% recycled water.

Westfield shopping malls looked to us to help them cut costs and water usage.



High Cycle

By utilizing proprietary pre‑treatment equipment and the natural chemistry of the water, our program solves for scale, corrosion, and bacteria while saving up to 95% of water blowdown.


Combines a patented physical water conditioner with limited solid chemicals to solve for scale, corrosion, and bacteria, providing world‑class results and saving up to 70% of water blowdown.

Solid Chemistry

Utilizing a traditional chemistry approach, the Solid Chemistry program provides environmental benefits and additional safety for employees handling the chemicals.

gallons of water saved in 2021 and counting!
165+ million gallons of water saved in 2020

Our unique approach

Shift Perspective Shift focus from reliance on "Pump & Dump" to reliable pre-treatment of makeup water
Natural Chemistry Utilize natural water chemistry, as opposed to adding hazardous chemicals
Adaptability Reliable pre-treatment equipment simplifies operations, removes primary failure points, and easily adapts to changing makeup water quality
Real-time Data 100% of our systems incorporate real-time performance monitoring and KPI tracking
Support Support with high level technical service

Operating across the US

Capture H2O. Operating across the US

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